Our Endorsements

2022 Nevada General Election Endorsed Candidates

The Law Enforcement Loyalty Political Action Committee (LELPAC) is proud announce its endorsements for the 2022 Nevada General Election.


Governor: Joe Lombardo
Lt. Governor: Stavros Anthony
Attorney General: Sigal Chattah

State Senate:

SD 8: Joey Paulos
SD 12: Cherlyn Arrington

State Assembly:

AD 8: Jenann Logan
AD 10: Sandie “Gisela” Hernandez AD 12: Fleming Larsen
AD 13: Brian Hibbetts
AD 20: Stan Vaughan
AD 22: Melissa Hardy (Incumbent) AD 26: Rich DeLong
AD 34: Stacy Butler
AD 35: Tiffany Jones
AD 37: Jacob Deaville
AD 39: Ken Gray

Clark County Commissioners:

District F: Drew Johnson

Las Vegas City Council:

Ward 6: Ray Spencer

The Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC is raising money to support pro-law enforcement candidates, incumbents, and ballot measures while targeting for removal those elected officials that do not support the rule of law. We have a process of selecting candidates to endorse based a formal comprehensive survey, an interview, and research into the candidate’s past. Our current endorsements are featured on this page.