Law Enforcement
Loyalty PAC

Advocating to elect pro-law enforcement and pro-veteran political candidates to state, county, and local offices.

It’s Time To Take A Stand

Our Mission:  : To promote and elect pro-law enforcement and pro-veteran candidates to office by educating voters on the importance of protecting our Constitution, individual liberties and the rule of law.

About Us

The Law Enforcement Loyalty Political Action Committee (LEL PAC) was founded by Retired Air Force Major Sam Peters, a former Law Enforcement K-9 handler, Bronze Star recipient and veteran of four deployments to various combat zones in support of his oath to uphold the Constitution.

Our board is comprised of former law enforcement officers and strong conservative voices who are focused on protecting the constitutional values that have made America great for more than 240 years.

We have watched riots burn cities and tear at the moral fiber of our nation. The outrage over police use of force (inappropriate and appropriate) has turned violent and deadly. There is a very real movement in areas across this country to “defund the police” and label all police as racists. It is time to stand up for those that protect us, those who put their lives on the line because they believe in doing what is right, and to make sure those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, so you and I can live in a safe and free community, did not do so in vain.

LEL PAC will help you make a stand! Sam Peters has led troops in combat zones and there is no question that the political environment in America is one combat zone we must earn victory! LEL PAC is actively vetting candidates and incumbent political figures to make sure the officials we elect to make policy and laws, at every level of government, are not doing so in a vacuum. We must have leaders that will support the men and women charged with enforcing the laws that they write. We must have leaders willing to support those who are tasked with making split second decisions that may mean the difference between life or death. We must have leaders that understand real accountability…even when it’s holding themselves accountable. We must have leaders that will represent – We the People… The Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC understands. And, we are making a stand.


Preserve Values

The Law Enforcement Loyalty Political Action Committee is fully dedicated to the preservation of American Constitutional values, preserving peace on the United States homeland, and promoting quality representation throughout elected government hierarchies. 

Audit Candidates

Our committee will vet political candidates and incumbents to ensure their support of law enforcement, the Constitution of the United States, the conservative values the United States was founded on, and their ability to boldly stand up to liberal and/or progressive agendas. 


The committee will conduct fundraising efforts nationally in effort to stop the eastward creep of the liberal agenda from the western American shoreline and disperse funds to pro law enforcement and veteran candidates. 

Take Action

The committee will conduct campaigns against candidates or incumbents that show anti rule-of-law tendencies, inappropriately attack the police, express support for groups backed by Marxism, Socialism, Communism and/or groups that attack constitutionally protected, God given individual human rights. 

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Our Team

Sam Peters

Our founder Sam Peters is a retired Major from the United States Air Force, who spent more than 20 years serving before retiring in 2013. Sam ran for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District in 2020 and also owns Peters Family Insurance, a ‘Best of Las Vegas’ rated risk management firm with two storefronts in Las Vegas.

Sam has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, a Master of Science in Administration with focus on law, a Graduate-Level Certificate in Organizational Finance, and completed the Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College.

Active in the community, Sam has worked on community projects for the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, St Baldrick’s Children’s Cancer Research, Boy Scouts of America, and many others.

Melissa Peters

Melissa Lunsford Peters is a graduate of the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2002. She spent 6 years in the banking industry and graduated from the South Carolina Bankers School in 2008 while also serving as Vice-President of the student body.  As a small business owner, Melissa created a full service event and award winning planning company, Charleston Celebrations.  Most recently, Melissa serves as the Leader for the largest Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) organization in Nevada, a group very attuned to the safety of our community.  Melissa serves as the Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC’s Chief Financial Officer.  

Robert Sulliman

Bob Sulliman is a Retired Secret Service Agent, having served across America protecting key dignitaries during the Reagan and George Bush Presidential era.  Bob is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police,  a senior manager for a local security firm, active in Nevada politics and adamant in putting elected officials in office that will back the blue. 

Tony Palmer

Originally from New York City, at the age of 27, I moved to Virginia Beach, Va. Once there, I joined the Virginia Beach Police Department. I retired as a Sergeant after 30 years of serving my community. I am married, have 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren. My wife and I moved to Clark County 5 1/2 years ago. I am a conservative Republican and a proud supporter of our Police.

Ralph McNamara

Ralph McNamara is a retired federal special agent serving with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, United States Postal Service, and Department of Defense. Ralph also serves on the Board of the Las Vegas Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police and is active in supporting political officials who are for safe communities, the rule of law, and a well-funded professional police force.


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